What would you do if this was your last day alive?

This question should be stated  from time to time.” If I die tomorrow what must I prioritize right now?”

Why ask? Because it probable will make you take your time more serious.  Anyone with family would probable answer the question by spending more time with their family.  What else is there of greater value than this? Subjectively there are many different answers that vary from each setting and situation but still family must be rated as the most valuable asset worth prioritizing especially time with your children.

The self is slowly decaying as time flows through it and will eventually disappear. Why fear death if you’ve lived your life good and righteously?  Wasting time in one way or another can of course never be avoided. But as you take in the truth which is your finite person choosing to do things of lesser worth. And actively working towards a mind that is aware of this.  So that words used in social context will be built upon worth and value and hence  be acceptable as you’re potential last words to that person.And also your thoughts actions and decisions. How would you like to be remembered by friends, family and by you’re colleagues at your workplace?

He who befriends the fact of lifes shortness will surely not be a sloth. No he or she would be productive and a light in this dark world thru the wisdom attained from the remembrance of time running out and death closing in.