Remember that suffering sets forth change.

The daily struggles permeates across all classes and countries but cloaked in differences of various garments and colors.

But what does it give us? I am glad to write that because of the subjectively defined knowledge of the force behind suffering that lead man towards changes of positive nature. Most sufferings diminishes. To see that the questions followed as results due to suffering, will move us towards  changes of a constructive nature. The power stems from reflection upon the necessary changes one must take to redefine the suffering unto that which is semantically constructive.

In old texts wether it may be from the Bible or philosophy, whether it comes from the west or the east. Awareness of one’s finite being incite that which is upholding good morals and hence sets forth necessary changes.  But I have also heard people choosing drugs and a destructive lifestyle saying that; ” there is no need to wait, live today!”  They lived fully hedonistic thru the usage of alcohol,drugs or by living out their promiscuous needs without any restraints. So it is necessary that one does not use the reality of the coming end as a an incitement for destructive lifestyles or depressive mindsets.

If you experience anxiety or feel that you are living a life that just happened to you. Please step out of your comfort zone because it is just the lack of real struggle which create your demons and fears. The mind loves a struggle, to be challenged intellectually. Why deny it that innate need? Breach those walls of self defining lesser states, and take your first step that sets the course towards  your true potentiality! Good luck.