The cost of good moral coherence.

Wisdom comes as you gradually conceive the vast amount of shapes that evil veils itself in. Looks can really be deceiving and titles often work as shields protecting the mind’s eye from realizing disturbing facts regarding man’s moral decay. It is not pessimistic to realize that this world creates people who serve themselves primary.

People who look at some young person who does something wrong but says nothing to correct the individual. Only using the material to build a conversation out of with  another adult at the coffee table. None of them steps out of their comfort zones of complaining as to correct the person who have done something wrong.  The gap between thoughts and action are in most cases of this nature and sadly obvious.

Change comes at a cost and often thru sufferings. To strive for righteous coherence thru moral thoughts and actions. Because that will benefit society  thru the long perspective of bringing security and productivity both socially as environmentally. All who don’t convert their moral standards into actions are part of the moral decay spreading thru society’s all over the world.

To be good according to higher standards always come at the cost of suffering thru conflict at various degrees because it goes against the vast majority of people who justify their lack of moral thru the mainstream lack of moral so they can feel normal and accepted. Because this give them a false comfort of a seemingly low cost. But over time their own children or grandchildren will pay the consequences due to their lack of morals due to their need for belonging and a friction free life.

To live is to suffer, awareness comes at a cost. Maybe the fruits of a righteous person will be enjoined by generations long after. And it is that which is good that prospers over time. So my fellow man step out of your comfort zone from time to time to do that which you in your heart knows is right.