The battle between the external and the internal.

In Summer times I find myself reaching outwards towards experiences that lets me enjoy nature, like camping or going out with my kayak. I try to fool myself that I have no need of nurturing my intellect because I believe that this should be done as the cold and dark sets in at Autumn and winter. But if I neglect thought processing it’s like something is nagging from within. Experiences from the senses can never fully dominate because this sooner or later will lead to a discrepancy between the creative realms and reality.

It’s like watching the amazing creation of nature without creating is like never truly internalizing the outside with the mind. For as the flow of creation sets in some kind of tuning in to the real driving force behind all that one can see in the beautiful landscape get actualized within the mind.

So watching nature being busy as I am being lazy on my vacation creatures some kind of distance between nature and myself that I don’t appreciate. This is why I like to use my body as it was ment to be used in the first place. But the mind also must be used the proper way or else this neglect will at some point make itself noticed probably by creating some kind of restlessness or anxiety until it gets the proper stimuli that it desperately needs.