Uniting the material perspective with the metaphysical.

Sense the first thoughts of metaphysical nature entered the mind’s of humans, we have struggled to unite the material world with the idea of the metaphysical. But without being grounded in that which can be perceived, man could drift away from reality and lose himself in the vast possibilities beyond the horizon.

My thoughts regarding this is that one should strive to uphold a strong centerline between belief systems and the reality in which one lives. If one relies solemnly upon incantations, prayers or lucky charms,  this would be a example of imbalance. And if someone would choose too only rely upon materialism this would also create an imbalance at some stage. For without hope, direction and comfort from the concept of God, where would man turn as all possibilities are limited in this world?

If we narrow it down there exist different strategies of coping with injustice and suffering. One way is too solemnly rely upon the finite thru a stoic acceptance of all that may come by focusing upon virtues to progress oneself thru lifes hardships. The problem appears as one realizes the evil that humans are capable of in this world. The lack of justice in this world can create a need for a metaphysical justice in certain people’s minds. The idea of having a omnipotent God one can turn too in times of hardship, is sometimes merely tempting and at other times the only way in creating hope that could elevate the mind from the finite material resources of security and lack of existences sustenance. 

The brute reality can disintegrate man over time. A belief system should be of a purpose like that of an anchor. Which helps man from drifting away into a storm of meaninglessness. But if the belief solemnly is dictated by the need to elevate the person above reality and hence creates an alternative world this will lead to suffering for the person and the ones closest to him. The subject must then be drawn down too the material world thru constructive actions.

He who can live with out a God must become his own God. But as he wakes up to the shortcomings and the immense lack of omnipotence of his person only self defeat will follow.

A belief in something which helps the person to be grounded within a moral framework and hence create substantial constructive effects . Is according to me partially fictional because how can something fictional create real effects in our world? People decide to act accordingly to their beliefs. Therefore can a belief in an metaphysical idea be actualized to certain degrees under the physical laws that govern our world.

But if nothing comes out of a belief system which is substantial and measurable it is merely an illusion. So beliefs creating real changes and who are beneficial for someone or others around him bridges the gap between fantasy and reality. That belief is substantial too a certain degree by the means of its real effects within the material realm and is therefore not strictly metaphysical.

So a unification of the metaphysical and material world can be made only if the chain of causality moves top down from the belief down to actions in this world manifesting in that which is good.