What a pandemic reveals to us about ourselves.

Suddenly people starts to reflect upon their own mortality as their actions and desires face limitations due to the current situation with Covid-19. People cling on to newsfeeds about the pandemic and falls into a spiral of despair. It is like they try to set themselves free by clinging on to the dystopic mindset that always gets culturally represented in religion,films, books or games to name a few. And therefore already have a strong subconscius representation within the pshyches of people all around the World. But is this rational or simply a reactive modality? I would conclude the latter of these two to be the case. A person that seek Control should not turn into a toilet paper shopping fear driven person. But rather cultivate a stoic mindset that view this pandemic as something normal happening over and over again thru the history of mankind.

Why has peoples own mortality been so neglected until now? The flight from the inevitable death has been one of the primal factors wich drives the economic growth in the World.I mean that stimulation of the senses to take peoples minds away from reflections regarding the existential. No one wanted to realize the truth that lies within their limited time span here on Earth. So the great thing about having time to realize ones own mortality is that it actually subjectively redefine what is important or not. Which jobs that carry true meaning and those that do not.

So if we have some understanding of why the virus actually have a potential which helps us clear our vision and helps us to see what’s important in life, our family and our society, to be brave, have hope an contribute to welfare, healthcare by great altruistic actions for the greater good of our fellow man and our world.