Guilt neurosis of the Soldier.

I have thought about mental suffering of soldiers as they have come home from their war service. And in what way these partially could have manifested out of a sort of delusion in reference to both the “framework” of war like purpose, goal and justification. And also the subjects incitements to why he has become a soldier? And to what extent that person has fooled himself in trying to become the myth of the Soldier by playing the roll to much and thru that denying his true self.

It’s easy to understand why a constant threat and the extreme feats of violence and suffering can break someone down.If a Soldier dissasociate himself from parts of his moral code which has been taught too him as a Child. Stricly as a way to necessary fit into the roll of a Soldier, who´s actions are justified by the rules of engagement governing that mission or the military organisation. And also by trying to internalize the myth conceptualized by the media or culture. The subjectively felt level of dicrepency beetween the past morality and that which was acertained thru the military training to get the proper moral mindset of a Soldier, will always to some extent be felt by the soldier. As a person aspires to fully become the roll beeing played and thru this denying the autenticity of the self. The hard truth will in time declare that without the advantage of the lack of empathy and remorse only to be found in the mind of the psychopath this never fully can be actualized. The soldier roll will always to some extent be played.

Before going into harms way in combat each Soldier should ask himself this questions;

1) What can i trully justify and live with for the rest of my Life?

2) And in what ways does my anwers to question number one correlate to values and norms that can be found in the higher realms of the greater good for people?

3) What are the thrue incitements that has motivated myself to take this roll of the warrior and call it mine?

4)And why should i lie too myself by clinging 0n too the false ones?

5) What are the costs doing for that?

But as one think about the dark traits the people carrie around and who never will find themselves in the same extreme situations like soldiers would be in from time to time. Anyone who’s been to a country that have gone through war learns about the dark traits that are inherent in man. And after this realisation it can be hard to stop being aware of all the madness and evil that dwells within peoples subconscious which most seldom come up to the surface in peaceful countries. This fact should be the grounds for the immense stress of values and virtues that real Soldiers go thru. And by this statement actually have gone thru the hardest test of the true capacity and false and trues virtues subjectively inherent. For in facing the chaos of darkness of war man is thrutfully actualized as one corresponding to good or evil! And the people sitting in their sofas judging are the ones truly playing the roll of the virtues and good people.