Language inflation.

It seems like it is an increase in the use of bad language nowadays. As an example we had one guest in our home who used words like Satan and devil (Swedish swearwords) in almost every sentence he spoke. I mentioned this to my wife the day after and said; ” How come do some people swear so much, and call upon the devil if he has no meaning to them?” This guest who also had said that he is an atheist, can in spite of that predispostition frequently incorporate words that are used in religion to describe the source of evil in this world, and use these in his daily conversations with people.

I mean if someone speaks frequently about something and use specific reoccurring words they must mean something to him or her. If you mention spiderman in every conversation the other one in that conversation will certainly believe that you are a fan of spiderman.

The devil hides in plane sight within the semantics of unaware men. I mean can we take a word that means something and wipe out its true meaning just by frequently making use of it? Money can thru inflation loose its worth but not its meaning and this rule adheres too other Words as well.

I believe there exist some kind of dissociation from the true meaning of words within the semantics and the rhetoric of the modern man. Involuntary conveying things that carrie meaning in a field that has been subdued by the schooling and the materialistic world view as an effect from the enlightenment to name one. Teachers in schools have never made any effort in explaining why man has done such a vast amount of atrocities thru our history. The problem of evil is a hard one to fully grasp thru the means of Psychology. Because that´s a field which in most cases is theoretical with a diversity of explanatory models. But the problem of evil is something also open for the mythic or metaphyscial theories and beliefs if any sense or undestanding to a fuller extent will be able too take room.

So be aware of the words you use for words have meaning and language or lack thereof is actually that which too a great extent defines us.