The power of prayer.

One day ago my fiend came over with his wife and 2 kids. The family where in sorrow and chock as the little brother of my friend had been murdered with an axe by some unknown man a week ago. And the wife of my friend had herself gone thru a loss of her father who had lost the battle towards cancer. When one is facing such sorrow and trauma there must be something more to do than just listening or being supportive. My friend has no belief in God and his wife have some subjective belief but more in the agnostic sense.

As an christian and a believer in the power of prayer i asked them both if it was to be OK if i prayed for them? They answered yes and i prayed in guidance of the holy spirit to the father in the name of Jesus by laying my hands upon one shoulder of them both and prayed. The prayer was specially spoken so that my friend would be able to let go of the judgment to the Lord and be free from thoughts of anger or revenge. For Gods justice is the one above all and the only reel comfort that can give the most deliverance from thoughts of anger and revenge. Afterwards there was i silence and a moment of peace.

I find it interesting that most people who have come to the tipping point of their materialistic comforts as effects of trauma or overwhelming amounts of hurt. Often in a majority of cases are willing to accept the support from God . The trust in them selves or in god-willing fellow humans have obvious limits to the amount of hope, comfort and understanding that can can be attained.

The one stuck in a deep dark pit will often be grateful for the light that comes or for the hand reaching down towards their hand. Which rational being will say no to help even if its grounded upon faith when the limits of this world becomes obvious and all to real?