Modern man is lost in relation to the knowledge of good and evil.

Its is not difficult to see how that which is good is seen as something bad and vice versa, as we look at the culture and the new relative morality of man.The series about Lucifer on Netflix is one of many examples were that which is bad gets blurred and changes into something pragmatic and relative. As someone gets aware of ones thoughts and how the self and its carnality is central for the modern man. That which is culturally manifested has a real effect on ones own morality.

The lack of respect of evil is probably the factor that predestined most of the sufferings that exists or have existed. The biggest deception for people in regards to their own psyches is that they believe that they ground their morals upon something they’ve selves created. Yes people in general have some degree of understanding in regards to nurture and learning. But as someone listens to a pop-song or watch a film or series they are exposed to visual or semantic information that they must process, but this processing is mostly hidden away from our conscious and ac curing within the subconscious. So that means there will be effects later on in our decision making that have emerged out of the mass consummations of culture. And forged together within the subconscious and through a synergy effect make changes in our morals and actions.

To summon up in essence my message. I will mention the holy grail and what it represents. You are the cup and what you fill it with is of great importance. Keep the water pure therein for drop by drop of polluted water it will be undrinkable. And if there is poison therein and that is what you pass around the others holy grail´s will soon also be of no good. Respect all that you fill your cup with and make sure that it will be pure and good. So that your sharing will benefit all that you come in contact with and bring sustenance to the ones in need.

One thought on “Modern man is lost in relation to the knowledge of good and evil.

  1. Yes, it’s very important to question the true value of what you are about to consume. We tend to care moore of our fhysical attributes and neglect our spiritual ones when we excercise reguarly and eat healthy foods and in the same time watching and listening to fast junk food.


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