When knowledge is not enough.

It is not so unusual that we as humans try too seek out knowledge so that we will be better in transforming something about ourselves into that which is more preferable , it may for example be in the area of health. The strange thing about knowledge is for example that a physician may be informed and in a position to educate patients in the area of loosing weight. And teaching patients in making lifestyle changes as to address the health issues. But actually be over weight him self. Psychologist have also in many cases themselves had problems within their own psyches and although they  know different ideas and therapy methods it cant really put a stop to their own psychological issues.

Why is it so hard for people to practice what they know? It is not enough for many to know how to act most of the times. Its like there is some kind of barrier between the mind and the reality. We can name a few of these barriers of course like laziness, doubt or fear of change, But mostly i think it boils down to the subjects understanding and self image. Whether it is subjectively felt as something static and unchangeable.Or seen as something in progress or a process of becoming.

So if a change is to take place towards goals that are good, there must be a subjective understood definition of freewill. If there is no freewill like a lot of new atheist believe, you are a product of data accumulated in such a way that you act out according to stimuli and the past without being able to say no to that which is coming forth. Freewill is necessary if a change in a certain direction of a good and beneficial nature is to take place.

The subjectively deterministic classification of something about ones psyche,that so to say locks in the trait into a state with a non changing quality. If a proper change is to take place there most be something that ones psyche can develop towards. Something higher than that which actually ever is possible. For then the furthest development towards the good and righteous can be of its fullest worth in relation to the subject that is being transformed.

Here in the material realm there are apparent limits, so if one relates to those they will so too say lock in the psyches progress and possibility within that worldview of materialism.

So man is in need of a model that is both conceivable but also of the highest es sens namely God. Jesus with his teachings, miracles and sacrifice, With his victory over temptation, sin and death. Is to only man in history that have forged together divinity with biology and therefore stands alone as our highest model for our transformation, because there exists no limits in a man that also is God.

That is why the belief in Jesus Christ has transformed people all over the world into something good and incredible in relation to their past lives. Born again serving God our father almighty.