The value aspect of the question.

When a question is being formulated it is important to understand the value aspect of the question instead of only going after the answer/answers.  The value correlate strongly with the incitement to really respect the question. If the value is subjective or more inter subjective,  the truth aspect may not be as important as we can conclude from all the biases of mankind. And of course there are levels of truth that so to say surround the question.

In the debate between atheists and theists there is one thing that often is neglected by the atheists, and that is the value aspect of certain questions. The questions concerning evil are often used by the atheists to disprove an all loving and good  God, by pointing towards all existing evils. (Theodice problem). How come is the relevance of the question not in correspondence  with their own worldview? What answers do atheists have to the questions concerning evil? If we are driven by means of evolution, then how come are humans so evil? Can evil towards others or the constant self harm that people go thru in regards to their own health, like in addiction or anorexia as to name a few. Really be fully understood thru the existing materialistic methods?

How can the over night changes when neighbors goes all out in their attempt to annihilate one and another ,which occurs during certain historical events, be fully understood? Or serial killers that differs so from the standard explanatory sociological or psychological models? Some humans have such immense evil that all scientific models comes up short. The question of evil is not respected at all. For it dwells within most humans but in different levels of degree.

We can not only tuck the question into the subconscious and be fully satisfied with the answer. For what is really the subconscious? As you try to understand the subconscious  you will find yourself staring into a big question mark!

In “The Red book” by Carl Gustav Ljung he in a dialog went thru all the evil that he as a man had to accept. When one search and try to understand evil the only logical conclusion is that it exist forces of good and bad that effect men as mentioned in the bible to come up with an explanatory view.For as we value the question and we are in need of an answer then we must find it in faith. 

And if someone accuse God of being evil then they do not value the question referring to Gods qualities. A evil God would have made slaves or robots instead of giving them freewill. For love is based upon freewill. And if a father gives his son the moral framework to do what is good but the son choose to do evil how can the father be evil?

Take what Jesus said when he took the sins of man onto himself. Here we can find truth that no one hardly can deny. For as one gets aware of that they actually have done something wrong and that there is no possible way to make it undone in this world. No matter how much good the person do the past can never be undone. So there must exist a possibility for a way out of guilt and regret. So if the belief in Jesus sacrifice and what it stands for can make someone leave the past and be born again and start a new life, it has truth in the reconciliation and the transformation of the person.

And there exist many reel empiric changed lives towards the good, all over the world thru Jesus Christ and Our God.