Questions that will set forth change.

When you understand the power that lies within questions that are properly formulated then you have a powerful tool to set change forth in your life.  So people are more out to get answers then to properly understand questions that are of the greatest importance and necessity for their personal development. There exist hierarchies of questions that of course are contextual related or of immediate importance. But questions related to the existential are often the bringers of necessary transformation.

The first question has to do with truth and in what way it is of importance?

Truth must be properly subjectively prioritized and understood as necessary  and highly valued,  for it is a complex question that many philosophers have talked about. And Jesus often came with critic towards untruth in men in regards to what they do or think. So transformation can be done if truth will be regarded as something of great importance and as something supporting the right decisions. An idea or a thought must be able to be subjected to truth and if it correlates with that which is good and lasting the most truth is to be found.

What has value and is neglected in my life?

The search for value is often miss guided just look at the amount of time of our most valuable asset time that people waste on things that have low or no meaning. So time has value but we “sell it out to buyers that will not give us value in return”. The waste of time must be taken seriously . And value can be understood sadly for most as their time is running out or when something traumatic happens.  Grab a pen or a friend and discuss where value can be found? And let the questions emerge correlated to just value. You can of course find answers fast, but without formulating new questions there will be limits to your understanding.  The questions that emerge from you subjectively might have certain limitations correlated to your age, knowledge and abilities.So often there is a great need to search actively in literature and different media to get more ” Lego bricks  to create something out of”.  Mostly the hierarchy of values change as time goes by  as the effects of life experience  often are immensely intertwined  with “necessity’s” that mostly are so to say culturally forced upon man.  To actively strive in life to feel meaning and act accordingly  meaningful and to understand the value of meaning in your life will be a true incitement for transformation.

Who am i?

The next question will also be followed by more questions related to who you are. Like what rolls you play? And why you play these? Are you static or in constant progress or reformation? Who do you serve thru the roll playing, is it your ego? The ego is directing and casting rolls for man to play just so he can be experienced in a certain way. And this can damage the self awareness and understanding of who he is.  Can a true understanding of who you are be done without looking back? Sometimes we get lost and must find a point of reference in our past so that we can start all over. A example can be  when i was young i loved being in the forest and i had a christian upbringing. As i grew older i became more and more the one defining right from wrong according to where i lived and according to the ways of my friends and media of course. So i got lost and had to find my way back at a certain point in life so that i could build a more authentic self that was more good and lasting. Here came the deconstruction part in effect and the gradual rebirth of a new self image that was more truthful. And without the teachings of Jesus as the model for my rebirth i would be lost still for i had to find a constant and a true incitement for my change. Something that has lasted more than 2000 years and still to this day saving people from guilt , meaninglessness, hopelessness and giving comfort, strength and change that can be really perceived and noticed by the people surrounding the individual that has undergone the transformation .

I hope your questions will lead you towards that which is good truthful and meaningful!