Deconstruction and rebirth.

When someone is being measured up to new standards that basically brings  him to a urgent state of necessary deconstruction  and rebirth, it sometimes happens because of neglect of the proper focus on the necessary questions that sets forth development. How will this deconstruction take place? What sets it in motion? Probably  some kind of event or realization that strongly contradicts the current state. Movement forward can only be made if that which is now can’t measure up to the new requirements that have emerged. If there exist a need for a realization of the neglected necessity’s that must be acknowledged. Only then can the more truthful be born. So time is of importance and of great value and so is evolution and change that brings the lesser and inadequate to some new and higher states. When man wakes up to this understanding that nature moves and so should the psyche. Only then can he come out of that which seemed as a rigid state of  subjectively defined attributes and qualities. 

So if change seems far away just realize that you are only locked into the current state if no new requirements are given unto you. Of course can these be involuntary or subjectively made. The psyche will if it has not been given the proper stimuli and development opportunities ,give a lot of signals so that you can take on the necessary work that must be made.  Insomnia is one sign, depression and addiction some of the others. When that which is haven’t been given the necessary work which develops it into a higher and more developed constitution it will deconstruct itself. And as the subject is near the end he/her will a lot of times wake up to the necessity of rebirth. And progress sets forth thru the questions that have not been given the proper time to reflect upon. Questions creates paths and roads to travel  and are immensely important as bringer of movement and evolution. The problem with most people that are locked into lesser states of them self are their total neglect of asking relevant questions surrounding their existence and their way of life.

So the next time i will write about these questions here.

Thanks for this time!