Why is it so hard to break habits?

When we act, feel or think in ways that doesn’t  contribute to changes that are necessary for us to go thru, it is of great importance to commit to the work that brings understanding and change forth.  Man is a product of inheritance and actions that shape the brain and therefore the psyche. To change means that one must go against the preexisting default modes. What that mean is basically that it makes the subject feel and experience things in another way that can subjectively be felt as unnatural. If the person have been accustomed to a lower grade of  meaning or value and must seek to increase these it will probably feel unfamiliar in the beginning. So trusting in the feelings that emerge is probably not always the way to go. Feelings are subjected to stimuli but not necessarily always to values of meaning.

We all heard the saying, “fake it till you make it”. And it ruffly explains a  change in someone that is  felt immensely  different compared to the persons preexisting default modes. So by strictly adhering to the  requirements in a goal orientated way the subject will in due time reconstruct the default mode into the wanted mode. If we think of the beneficial the costly will subside. We can orient ourselves in decision making by three factors feelings, intuition and reason. And the factor of time is important because where is the focus? In the past in the now or in whats to come? Probably all of these three need to be  incorporated into the understanding of the requirements, incitements and the motivation surrounding the change. So the past is required when understanding is to be made but the present can be a reset and a start of change. 

If no mindfulness, awareness or reflections are made as part of the change no change of greater value will be able to occur. For it is basically in going against the past in the present that will have the greatest effects in the future. Writing is a great way to get a picture of the psyche. Too get the mind out there in front of you so that you can reflect upon it. In writing the subconscious plays a great part in whats to be written i believe. Also art is important, for why create anything without meaning? Even as it first appears to lack just that but if a great understanding is searched for some will surely be made. Change is possible but if no real critic is being made of the lesser nothing can be moved towards the greater.

So understanding of values is of great importance if change should be aspired to be made. But also that it is  truthful and correlates with meaning or necessity.