Faith the precursor for whats to come .

As we live, time dictates certain things  too the psyche because of the effects that the past, present and the future have on us. So man orient accordingly too these and they have great importance for the possibility of understanding on a deeper level  effects and what is of great importance.

The past is there so we can validate the actions we intend to take. To differentiate what is good from what is bad. Our morality depends on the past so that it will be able to have consistency ,functionality and sustainability. In other words too correctly being able in assessing what is good. Truth must travel from the past to the present and the future too reach the highest and purest form. That which is truthful will endure and last.  But without  faith  no movement will take place. Faith comes first but moves consistent with us as we move forward in time. Doubt stops the movement and hinders the past from reoccurring because it will be locked in the past and not being able to recur in the present and therefor never travel thru time. Doubt creates restraints but faith leads to movement. Time and faith sustains one and an other for they work together in man to validate actions and decisions of value and importance. 

So faith is important  in our daily lives  more than most people are aware of and by understanding the necessity of faith as a precursor and a nutrient that lets thoughts manifest. Like the water that makes the plant grow. The goal can only be reached thru faith and never in doubt and that which is good are the laws given to us by Jesus Christ By faith the words come to life in our lives as forgiveness ,hope, meaning, virtues ,righteousness and love. The word from God last from then to now and tomorrow unto eternity. For it is good and lasting! When doubts set in just go back to the word and faith will lead you by the hand thru all temptations and hardships in life. Freedom from guilt, hopelessness and meaninglessness  as you close you eyes and pray to receive the holy spirit.