The meaning of suffering.

Questions regarding suffering are crucial for one to reflect upon sense we all suffer but of course in various ways and degrees. We have both physical suffering as psychological and how we are able to make sense of these are of the most utter importance. So there is of course sufferings that are hard to understand. But mostly suffering shows us what will work or not. And the determining  factor  is in what grade something correlates with that what which is good? The grade of evil something is built upon undermines its existence just look at the attempts of expanding  evil in the human history and what now remains of it. So the human mind must answer to the same laws of what is good and thereby lasting. Just look at Jesus who set the ultimate standard for good and look on how long Christianity have survived. So when we want change in our lives we must search for that which is good and truthful. Build your empire upon that which endures all. Empires come and go but the truth and goodness bears witness of the way for us to wander.

When all politic parties loose their values in favor of populism and man has set its own moral law what can remain of it? Where will identification be found? So suffering leads the way to salvation when a man is near the end of his life or when the existential questions take over. When suffering reaches a certain level only then can a person be given a chance to wake up. The ones who in spite of privies attempts found in history of the same evil  or lesser good tries to build anything meet the same faith.

Look at the universe starting in chaos but thru Gods word who ordered the structure that set forth and still sustains life. Look at a man destroyed by his bad doings in life sitting in prison only by the word of God can order be brought and a new life come forth. God is good for when man tries to build any empire without truth and goodness they wither away. And when what we build correlates to that which is good and of course truth it lives and prospers in both the micro and the macro.