The importance of a proper mindset for learning.

So the mind  defines you and is mostly except from certain areas more or less plastic and ever changing. But one thing sets one person apart from the other. And it is the proper mindset for learning! So if you want to grow pick up the most difficult but interesting book you can find and set you mind on finishing it. You must be honest and humble in your approach. You do not have to understand everything to be honest, some books of  philosophy are more like a marathon for your brain. But grit is also a nice trait to practice. Okay when you read you always expand in some way but of coarse always  in accordance to your own basis. When you read something hard you move your position forward maybe not towards the highest possible form of completion, but still forward. And simple to achieve the sense of gratification from enduring the thoughts of great thinkers will contribute immensely to your next advancement. 

Levels of understanding differs of coarse among us even as we read the same book. The interesting thing is that we select subjectively certain ideas, questions and interpret in ways that will contribute to our understanding in other fields. We cant always understand in which way information moves the intellect and  what form the synergy effect of knowledge will manifest? The limit of your self is the level of understanding you seek. Be humble for the wise started so, they searched thoroughly within and found feelings in need of meaning. All came to a certain point of feeling restrained or inadequate facing certain questions. Read the ideas of the dead and make them come to life expand your position forward sometimes in the realization of your precious time being wasted on lesser deeds of low or no meaning.

Fame or feeding the ego is not a noble goal but authenticity and meaning !