Hope the neglected necessity.

Something that really puzzles me is the general absence of hope in peoples lives. The necessity of hope is so misunderstood and therefore not sought after.  I mean why is it like that? If we just asses the limitations that govern certain events in our lives like  when facing decease, trauma and of course a death that is approaching. Where does hope come from when all that we rely upon in this world comes short? So should we just accept hopelessness when facing what  is uncontrollable or unknowable? 

An atheist can make a affirmation based upon limitation because it is restricted to the material laws, A believer in God can make a prayer without any limits because it is set to a higher standard namely the immaterial realms. And because belief and faith in God is such a powerful  hope generating factor, why deny its psychological  beneficial functionality?  How many prisoners, drug addicts or existential lost people have been saved from their hopeless situation by trusting in this world? For it is their mistrust in this world that destroyed them in the first place.  No they need something beyond this something good and transcendent a father who they can turn to in spite of despair, hopelessness and find comfort and hope.