Thoughts on good and evil.

If one start by assessing gradually what the word evil mean subjectively and then expand  it into a bigger inter-subjective definition and do the exact same way in defining that which is good and then see what was easier and what was harder? Do you define them top down from the most evil/good to the lesser ,or do you do this from  the bottom to the top? I believe that people define these things top down for the mostly. What that  mean is that evil is seen as something maximal like a atom bomb and not the thoughts, ideas , incitements  that was the origin of the bomb.

The lesser is always what the bigger is built of  in the material world . The mind hidden away is the precursor to that what later be manifested. something working within us on a daily  basis but in a lover and more subtle way.  What do you in everyday life accept or neglect without ever even have been given it a conscious thought? Murder is something most people naturally condemn but how about slowly letting you brain and body deteriorate as a consequence  to a lifestyle of neglect of all that these need? We talk about equal human rights but what does that really mean to us? What do we day to day accept by not giving it its proper position as a evil we must fight and condemn? When we by neglect or false priorities let something bad grow and dwell within our selves? Here i talk about judging someone in a false way or not giving support to someone who we meet and who is in  a state that obviously indicate the need of fellow human being?

So when we in this secularized world have  confined and restricted the devil and God to the area of culture, history and superstition. where can our moral be grounded upon? Psychologically the devil represents the lowest state that one can sink in moral and in the total loss of virtues and God represents the highest state.  So if there is no real representatives of these in the modern mind and even the church have been modernized in not talking about the devil or ultimate judgement from God. If evil have been mostly confined within the unconscious and bothering us consciously from time to time with thoughts that make us weak or keep us from doing what is good. And if there is no overseer (God) that we want to humor. Where will our framework for moral and virtue come from? Sadly often is relative and pragmatic standards the ruling framework for mans morality. 

So if the thief is being supervised no theft will probably occur or when you get guests for dinner you clean your house. When there is a speed camera you slow down or when the boss comes everyone start to look busy. Examples of why we have a need of a overseer  of our thoughts are many. But who can supervise our thoughts when they are not virtuous? There is a need in man of an objective morality judge and overseer even from from a pure psychologically perspective. There is therefore a need for a God who is the highest good.

We remember only shortly and can fall into bad habits and thoughts easily by the factors of daily stress and news feeds.  But when do we make ourselves aware daily of the good we want in our life and want to give to our fellow man. And when do we acknowledge our shortcomings and our bad selves? Priorities are often based upon things on a lower step of an hierarchic matrix where that what is corresponding to sustainability, meaningfulness and all the rest of what is good is on the top of the matrix. We need the visual to remember us to keep our attention on the internal daily struggle . There must exist a goal and also something to deter us from going into a lower state in the matrix.

“Be aware and mindful of the dark and the light that dwells within you so that you can climb the matrix upwards towards that what is good my fellow human.”

That is all for now. Have a good day!