What is time? Its a complex question mostly addressed to physicists, philosophers as to name a few. The working man/woman states that time is money. Time correlates with creation, decay and altered states of matter and events. But when this question comes too man it is really a question about meaningfulness. When man has no subjective understanding of in what way  he or she have meaning or know in what way to create meaning. Then that the person will slowly fall apart in different areas of his/her life.

If we from time to time contemplate in what ways our priorities in life have meaning that is of the higher kind and correlate with that which is good. The next question must be ; what is good? This may seem like a obvious question that all people know how to answer but if one wants to do what is good then evil must be defined both within and without. People are in general unaware of certain aspects of themselves and others because of not prioritizing in the importance of defining and understanding good and evil. Mostly a loose relative and pragmatic definition of these are the ones seen in our world then as now.

Next time i will dive in to this subject and remember that to ascend one first must descend. The revelation of  ones darkness is done by the light that defines it, for the greatest evil comes from the lesser and the bad seed that is planted in your psyche grows as your neglect of its growth.   

By and thank you for now!